Preparing your Pet for a Vet Visit

Coming to the vet clinic is often a very scary experience for animals. There’s a lot of strange smells, other animals, things that may hurt them etc so we like to try and make the experience as nice and happy as can be.

Some things that can help is bringing your pets favourite toy and treats along. If possible, bringing your pet for visits when they aren’t sick or needing vaccination is a good way for them to not associate every visit with stress and pain. A good example is bringing them in to weigh them, give them their treats, maybe a pat with staff, then head home.

When bringing in cats/kittens, bring them in their crate, with favourite blanket, possibly a towel to place over the crate when they’re hear if they’re very nervous.

If your pet is very energetic or even very nervous, you can leave them in the car, let us know that you’ve arrived, and we can let you know when the clinic is clear of other distractions or animals so they can minimise any more stresses than they may already be experiencing.

Your pet’s health and happiness are very important to us, and we want to ensure we can do everything possible to make your visits as calm and stress free as possible